1. Nowhere 2 Go produced by Denmark Vessey

  4. Danny Brown 

    Shootin Moves

    The Hybrid

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    1 Step produced by Quelle

    Hybrid Cutting Room Floor

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    Tea Time produced by Mosel

    The Hybrid Cutting Room Floor

  8. The Breakdown of The Hybrid

    This is something i should of done a long time ago but i wanted people to actually get to know the music before they actually learned how it came about ….

    Started recording The Hybrid in Sept. 08 didnt have the title yet …. I aint know how i wanted it to sound or who i wanted to work with…. all i knew was Hot Soup just came out and i was getting praise for it … so i wanted to capitalize i aint know it would take me this long … So i started to work with Hex and everyone over at Studio 1 …. Started recording but to me i felt like the music i was doing at that time wasnt “all that” …. most of the songs i put out on DSOM4 …. so during the middle of that recording process i was writing one night and one of my homegirls came over to kick it and smoke with me(she had some pineapple express and the movie just came out so u know i was hyped to see what the hype was about, the weed not the movie) 

    So shes studying and im writing rhymes…. she whips out these pills (adderall) i never took them b4 but i saw this MTV True Life special on them and i thought “shit, that drug seem kinda cool to me” … So i took one …. we smoked …. and i wrote one of the illest rhymes i think i ever wrote … and the song was called “The Hybrid” …. shit came outta left field and i couldnt believe i wrote that shit… the wordplay, the humor, the voice, i felt like that was the direction i need to take for this album, something fresh, something new, a different style, hence how i got the title

    So i got booked for two shows in California, one in Diego (shoutout Sweeney), one in LA (Fat Beats)… i was supposed to be gone for a weekend … end up staying for 3 months, Hex was pissed at me, i got dumped, started taking more pills, and the album was on stand-by, no situation , no way of releasing it (B4 Fat Beats was suppose to release it)

    So now its the summer of 09, a whole year has went passed and no album, But for some reason it fueled the fire, i felt like i understand why a major wont take a chance, but i cant even get a indie label to believe in me, SMH, i felt disrespected, and unappreciated by my city, so i wanted to give everybody a middle finger with a smile,

    I got in contact with Magnetic, one of the best engineers in the city at one of the best studios in Detroit, and he was supportive from day 1, i cant thank him enough, without him this wouldnt of been possible,  so we started recording the version of “The Hybrid” you hear in August 09, it was done in Nov. 09, 

    yep 3 months…… thats all it took, soon as i finished it, i got in contact wit Frank of RIK …. told him what i wanted to do, and he was with it from day 1, without him this album wouldnt of been possible, he helped out alot, so he got me this situation with 10Deep …. i was in there spring look book and pretty much was praying that they give The Hybrid a listen and want to release it as a 10 Deep mixtape, so i had planned on dropping in Jan. 1st New Years, but Frank and the guys at 10Deep told me to fall back in hopes of it being released as one they mixtapes

    Jan goes by …. no word

    Feb goes by… no word

    so around time for March i was like fuck it …. i been working on this album for to long to be sitting on it … i told Frank fuck it… i wanna drop it on my B-Day March 16th … and thats exactly what we did … soon after i released it … went to Ny to do some interviews Shade45 and CDR … stopped over at 10Deep really hoping that maybe we can do this tape together … But then i was told by the guy who call the shots that they wanna go with a “Bigger Name” to do the tape with and they were prolly going wit Gucci Mane

    I cant front i felt crushed, i felt like damn this is a fucking clothing line not a fucking record label …… and they dont believe in me either 

    Since then i feel funny about wearing 10Deep (so i havent, which we all know i praised em in my music, and i have alot of they clothing)

    Still waiting on that Gucci Mane 10 Deep Mixtape(or at least see him in a T Shirt)

    Shouts out to Emeka tho (i know he believes)

    So now that u know how it came about 

    Heres the Breakdown

    1. Greatest Rapper Ever

    So i know alot of people first got up on me on the Jay $tay Paid album…i had the song “Dilla bot vs The Hybrid” i got a great reception from that song, and alot of people told me that was my best verse and they doubt i can beat that …. that was what i was trying to do with that joint, i think i killed it from the opening line to the last line i gave it my all, the beat robotic vocal sample sounded how the album cover looks, thats why its the 1st joint, and i say “feeling like Big Meech when he bout to cook up/ But not the 1 from BMF dog the 1 from Linwood”  RIP Big Meech …. Linwood goes crazy when they hear that line

    2. Need Another Drink

    Originally recorded on that 3 month hiatus in LA …. i was working with Mainframe of Johnson and Jonson and we banged out a whole album in the time i was there… this was one of the songs i recorded there…. to me one of my biggest records was “Whatupdoe” so im constantly trying to show up that song, and “Need Another Drink” is me doing that, might not have the same appeal in the streets as the previous mentioned …. but that was the point … when i made “whatupdoe” i was in the streets, goin to strip clubs all types of shit, “Need another Drink” i was hanging around in raves, coke sniffing hipster parties, pill popping all night up wilding out debauchery, this is the song that represents that, and of course flipped the hook from Disco D(RIP), to show love to my Ghetto Tech heads …. 

    3. New Era

    Im always trying to figure out ways to rep for everyone in my city, not just one side , and one day i thought, what is the one thing we all have in common, broke or rich, and that one thing is a Detroit Tiger cap….. and of course everybody knows me and Nick Speed always come together and make some shit, we got great chemistry, but i made it a conscience choice not to use a alot of his beats on this project fearing that alot of people would got used to that and wouldnt wanna have it any other way, so i wanted to prove regardless of who did the beat, i can write songs, i can stand on my own two feet i dont need any crutches 

    4. Exotic

    When i first started this album i had a list of producers i wanted to work with, some far fetched, some possible, with Danny! Swain, i thought that was far fetched but i been up on dudes music for a long time i mean since “Charm” …. so thru this great invention we have called twitter, i was able to reach out to him and tell him how much of a fan i am of his music, to my surprise it was vice versa and we ended up doing a joint for his album “Where is Danny?” which i was very proud of, cause the albums amazing…. so for the song its pretty much about smoking weed and fucking with hoes, cause thats all i do … lol … threw DopeHead on it who u guys will be hearing alot of soon so keep ya ears open

    5. Im Out

    Just like Danny!, I thought getting Chuck Inglish on this project was super far fetch, the first show i did when i got out of jail, was opening for The Cool Kids and i was impressed went home that night and downloading everything i could find and been a fan ever since, …. i would bump into em all the time but id just keep it cordial in fear of looking like the lame groupie nigga tryna get on… but one night on the most amazing invention in the world, Chuck tweeted that he’d been bumping my shit, so u know i hollered at em like “yo lets do a joint” he was down… months went by…. the albums was done .. i was just waiting on that last “Big Joint” which was having what i called a “Cool Kid” joint … talk to Chuck and he was like yo i dont wanna give u some shiti already got, i wanna make you some new shit, me myself i was like all good (whatever just send anything)…. so weeks went by again and on a saturday night i was chilling playing 2k … gotta text from Chuck that said “check ur email” … u should of seen how fast i jumped up and and grabbed the laptop … heard the joint and was like wtf?…. i wasnt expecting that … not at all … it stunned me… it challenged me… it took me a whole month of just listening to the beat… i couldnt even write to the shit … so i went back to LA … just to relax and get a clear mind and smoke some better weed … and i wrote the hook … still didnt have the song done … came back to the D and let all the homies in the crew hear the hook and they was fucking wit it… so then i said fuck it and wrote the verses the same day i recorded the actual song like on some deadline last minute shit and it came out perfect … 

    6. Re-Up

    One late night in the Studio Magnetic said he got this beat that Quelle made, that he played for every and anyone that would listen and he wanted to rap on this beat, he had all Quelle beat tapes from 06… i was like word lemme hear it…. he played it and it was crazy i was like omg …. but thats not the beat you hear on “Re Up”…. i took the beat tape home and the next morning i heard the beat for it … lets get this straight The Rza is my favorite producer of all time…. that beat sounded so dirty and wu tang to me that i was just amazed by how talented Quelle is and why didnt anyone rap off this shit i mean the beat was 3 years old …. on a adderall night i wrote like 5 songs G.R.E, Shooting Moves, Na Na Song, Nowhere to Go and Re Up was all wrote the same night and pretty much was the meat of the album i just had to make the potatoes … so after i finished the song i played it for my homey … and we got the idea to shoot a video for it cause im an unsigned artist no use for acting like i am and drop some party record or some girl joint like imma get spins… lets take it back to how the Wu would do it and just drop the hardest record so thats hope u guys enjoyed the video … we shot it in one day for 150 bucks

    7. Nowhere to Go

    Now this was a song i was not gonna use …. for some reason i didnt think it was that good … it was weird to me how the beat broke down and i had to pause the flow to catch up to the beat …. but then one night i played it for my homey … hes a street nigga out there doing his thing and he told me that that was the best song he heard so far … cause it was so true … in Detroit we literally have nowhere to go nothing to do and that song spoke to him … so i used it and it ended up being one of the best songs … produced by Denmark Vessey of Crown Nation i sat on that beat for a long time … that was actually the 3rd song i wrote to that beat …. and 3rd time was a Charm

    8. Shootin Moves

    So i was at the Red Bull beat battle and i ran into Frank Dukes dope producer from Toronto i had got some joints from him b4 we even me but the bulk of em ended up on 50 Cent’s War Angel mixtape … he was telling me he had some joints for me so u told em to send not 2 days later i get an email from him… the first beat i heard was “Shootin Moves” that beat sounded like heaven to me … that song is about the whole Detroit Hip Hop scene… i cant front i feel like niggas be fronting on me sometime so that song was a middle finger to anybody in my city thats not supportive of what im doing … so niggas quit worrying bout what im doing

    9. The Na Na Song

    This was one of those joints i got off the Danny! beat tape… lemme say he sent me one of the best beat tapes i ever i got… i rapped off like 5 of em 2 made the album… NaNa is pretty much my diss to the industry …. “These niggas eatting?” i pose that question to tell u in the next verse that im eatting pussy… “pussy” in the metaphorical sense is this soft ass industry so if u niggas aint eatting b4 u know it imma be waking up “asking ya bitch u know how to make grits” btw one of my fav joints

    10. Guitar Solo

    Now this is a beat that id had from Quelle for the longest …. i really wanted to paint a vivid picture of whats its like to grow up in Detroit as a teenager … the trials ad tribulations most go thru… the song means alot to me because its 100% factual … i just really wrote that song from on the inside looking out  …. i had it alot better than those depicted in that story but i felt like it was something that needed to be told … i personally think its by far the best song ive recorded to date and plan on shooting a video for it 

    11. White Stripes

    As most of u might know … one of my favorite artist is Jack White im really inspired by the fact that a guy from my hometown makes some of the best music known to man… i really feel like its inspiring to know that one the greatest song writers of out time walked the same streets as i to get inspired to make music … but i read in an interview where Jack said that he hated hip hop and he had real good reasons as to why he hates it… so with that song i was tryna make em hate it a lil bit more… the song is literally about nothing which is dope because everything else has a topic… its real rock influenced and i was just tryna come with that “crack” the “white lines” hence the song title 

    12. Juno

    Now thats a beat i had for a long time produced by Mosel…. Quelle’s lil brother… the vocal sample says “baaaaabbbyyy” and i swear it took me a year to even figure out what to rap about… i mean at first i thought yea this is gonna be like J Dilla’s joint “baby” … but then i thought that was corny and a predictable subject … then i said fuck it imma do a posse track about bitches on some wu tang “Ice Cream” shit… but then one night it just hit “Detroit so crazy feel like pac on Brenda gotta” i just had that line and i said u know what… thats what it is the 2010 “Brenda’s gotta Baby” … saw the movie Juno and thought that was a ill title for it being that it was the same subject matter but worlds apart …. so everyone can relate with teenage pregnancy cause im sure everyone has had some type of experience with it

    13. Thank God

    Now this song was me trying to take something ugly and make it beautiful, something fucked up but u make u smile about it at the same time ….. the song is about welfare and the fucked up nutritional diets we have in the hood …. in the line “you know we outta place when welfare can put a smile on your face” …i felt like that was pure genius its so try the same thing that makes us laugh makes us cry and vice versa … i was trying to show people how i can take such a serious topic and make it a comedy… i think im the first in hip hop to create “Dramadies”(Drama/Comedy).. maybe im wrong

    14. Drinks on Me

    This song is about alcoholism … point blank i have an aunt whos a heavy drinker and the song is really about here … in the first verse u hear me tryna get a chick drunk so i can hit it …. the the second verse u hear me tell the tale of my aunt… well its like cause and effect … its like im peer pressuring the chick then telling her what the outcome could be using my aunt as an example … really trying to open there eyes … saying your obsessive clubbing and drinking every weekend can lead to a problem … hope they take heed

    15. Generation Rx

    Now this was a joint that was not my idea at home … i have a friend name “NARK” my homey, lil white dude thats into graffiti he bombing shit at an alarming rate back home anyway his parents put him on adderall when he was 8 years old and he says he knows its fucking him up in the long run …. and he wanted me to tell the story of what many like him go thru … he had the title everything it was all his concept.. i said cool lemme just find the beat… KT sent me some shit and originally i had done 2 joints off his tape and was excited bout the other one but then KT told me he sold the joint and i got pissed… but i wanna publicly apologize to KT about being a dick in that situation but im glad that happened cause i was sleeping on how much of a good song this is… alot of people say its the best on the album 

    16 S.O.S.

    Shaq on Stilts means ur high … looking down on everyone … ur “up there” that song is really to let people know im just getting started with this hip hop shit… i gotta lot to learn and im progressing everyday with this talent that i dont take for granted .. like i feel like that song was a sneak peek of what you will be hearing from me in the future… the tone of my voice … my purest form … rapping with my speaking voice is something id never thought id do… cause guess what… i hate my voice to… but im starting to like it more and more with each album cause im still learning how to use it 

    So thats the breakdown

    hope u enjoyed it

    and if u havent downloaded yet 

    please go to rappersiknow.com and do so 

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    Stay On Produced By Proh Mic

    The Hybrid Cutting Room Floor